Traditional Caribbean dishes are a mixture of African, European, Cajun, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Fusing cooking kinds from these international locations along with native components has created a novel food tradition. Lebanese food culture comprises cuisines from different Mediterranean nations. Poultry, seafood, lamb, or goat meat are prepared with olive oil, garlic, and other spices. These are often consumed with pitta bread and fresh or grilled vegetables.

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Once the sauce is ready, a mixture of steamed greens like bean sprouts, water morning glory, and long beans, together with tofu, soybean desserts, and sometimes lontong . The nut sauce makes the salad rich hearty, whereas the vegetables contribute a combine of different textures. If you eat Indonesian food at a Padang restaurant, you would possibly see papaya leaves that are both blanched or steamed and served with a simple chili sambal sauce.

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