New social platforms like Mastodon, Locket, and BeReal are rising as potential alternatives to traditional social media, but the… KEY TAKEAWAYS Sotheby’s is about to auction several valuable items from the Whitney Museum of American Art, together with Edward Hopper’s Cobb’s Barns, South Truro, estimated to fetch between $8 million and $12 million. The public sale may also function restituted works by Paul Gauguin, Pierre-August Renoir, and Paul Cézanne, which were stolen throughout World War II and offered to Nazis before being returned to the heirs of French art vendor Ambroise Vollard after a prolonged authorized battle. KEY TAKEAWAYS Italian-funded UNESCO project in Bamiyan, Afghanistan has restarted after being halted following the Taliban’s takeover in August 2021.

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His works have influenced film and television, including the successful adaptation of “The Three-Body Problem” into a Netflix series. Explore the MoMA retrospective of Thomas Schütte’s United Enemies, a comprehensive exhibition showcasing the German sculptor’s various works from his early profession to the present. KEY TAKEAWAYS MoMA presents a complete survey of Thomas Schütte’s work from 1975 to 2024, together with sculptures, drawings, prints, and architectural experiments. Schütte is celebrated for his critique of minimalist and conceptual art, which contains deep historical and cultural narratives. The ‘United Enemies’ collection originated within the Nineties and blends mythological, political, and personal themes… Explore the evolution of manga, from its ancient origins to becoming a world cultural phenomenon, including key figures, genres, and works that shaped it.


Lawyers can repair messes once they occur, but the best ones reduce the danger of their ever creating. Many giant regulation corporations have their own art legislation divisions, reflecting the significance of those extremely skilled professionals. Art attorneys also specialize, some in restitution, others in estate planning, representing museums or nonprofit organizations, or mental property licensing and branding.

  • By working together on frequent creative endeavors, they may construct bridges, selling cooperation and understanding that reaches beyond the limitations of words.
  • The official music video pays homage to the 1990 membership classic “Better Off Alone” by Dutch Europop duo Alice Deejay, with retro-themed scenes and putting outfits.
  • The museum, known for its innovative Museum for Preventive Imagination program, transforms its strategy into an experimental magazine.

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